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St. Elmo’s Fire II

One of the most difficult watercolors I’ve done due to the large areas of blue, but rewarding nonetheless! This watercolor was a commissioned piece for a friend of the family who’s shared his boat with my brother’s family and given them many years of memories to cherish.

Send inquiries to artbypuma@gmail.com if you are interested in a customer piece of work for your home or office.

The Wave

This was a fun challenge. Recently completed painting done in acrylic on canvas using one of my photos from a hike through Point Reyes. I’m so happy it found a new home on the wall of a very good friend of mine. 

A limited number of artist proofs and high quality prints are available for sale. Please send inquiries to artbypuma@gmail.com.

Nature’s Magnifying Glass


In the world of photography it is common to have unintended outcomes when taking shots. This was an experimental shot using my new macro rings on a Nikon D60 and after looking at it I realized that the water droplet was acting as a natural magnifier to create a super macro image. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me!

High quality limited production prints available for sale. Please send inquiries to apuma.pumacreative@gmail.com.