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Nature’s Magnifying Glass


In the world of photography it is common to have unintended outcomes when taking shots. This was an experimental shot using my new macro rings on a Nikon D60 and after looking at it I realized that the water droplet was acting as a natural magnifier to create a super macro image. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me!

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Outdoor Patio Countertop

Below are two images showing the framing and finished product of a custom patio countertop built to order. Job included copper flashing edges and custom inlaid slate pieces on the edges of the lower framework.

Initial framing of a custom patio countertop.
Initial framing of a custom patio countertop.
Finished custom patio countertop.
Finished product -custom patio countertop.

Custom made Craftsman Birdhouse

This birdhouse was custom made for clients as a miniature version of their actual home. It comes complete with copper drains and chimney top, river rock chimney and front facade accents, motorcycle weather vane and more. One of the funnest building projects I’ve ever done.